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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ahhh, Saturday

It's supposed to rain here most of the day today, making it the perfect morning to sleep in. Which I did. :-) It's also going to be a perfect day to work on the synopsis because there'll be no siren call from the outdoors. Not that I'm exactly into the great outdoors and all, but sitting out on the deck on a nice, sunny day is always tempting.

Anyway, I talked to one of the guys at work yesterday about setting up a network in my house and he made it sound so easy, I decided I could hook it up myself. Since only my desktop with the hugely uncomfortable chair (think circa 1958 before the word "ergonomics" had been invented and that'll give you an idea how crippling it is to sit in it for any length of time) has the high speed internet connection, I've fallen behind on a lot of things--like replying to comments. It takes forever for any website to pull up on dial up (boy, did I get spoiled fast!) and I don't have the patience to wait. Which means I'm hugely behind sometimes. Okay, most of the time. But once I have high speed on my laptop, I'm sure I'll be better.

I'd kind of been resisting networking because I write on my laptop, and right now, with only dial up on this computer, I'm not tempted to play online. Of course, there's still Hearts and Mah Jong, but that's another story. I kept telling myself that setting up the security on the network would be difficult and I didn't feel like hiring anyone to come in and do it for me right now. My coworker blew that one out of the water. I've been reading articles about routers and networking and doing some pricing. Hopefully, I'll be up and running before Labor Day.

In other shopping news, the shoes I ordered came. OMG, I think I fell in love with a new brand of shoes. Skechers! I have to exchange the pair I bought for a smaller size, but even with the shoe slightly too big, these were like the most comfortable things I've had on in forever and they are major cute! In fact, they're so comfortable, I went online to see if there were other styles I wanted. I found a bunch and bookmarked them for purchase later.

Does everyone know about this brand but me? I'm a convert. :-) Of course, I guess I should save my excitement until I've worn them for a full day and not just a few turns around the house, but they're just like wearing tennis shoes, just more stylish. :-) They have a few dress shoes (very few), but they have a really good selection on casual and tennis shoes. Try a pair on if you have a chance.

And no, this is not a paid endorsement. It's just that I wish someone had told me about this brand before I stumbled on them on my own. Yes, I'm a total shoe slut. My walk-in closet has the shelving filled with shoes, but you can never own too many pair. :-) You never know when you're going to need the kelly green wedge-heels.