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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Craft Day

It was Craft Fair day yesterday on QVC. Need I say more? If I was smart, I wouldn't because it's downright embarrassing how many things I bought. I knew I was in trouble when I woke up yesterday morning and saw the Today's Special Value. It was a Silhouette cutting machine that hooks up to the computer and will cut out any true type font (letters or shapes) that you have. I'm a font slut, so I have many, many true type fonts. I'd been eyeing the Wishblade ever since I heard of it and the Silhouette is the same kind of machine. I was determined not to order. Absolutely not. I could wait. And I did.

About three hours.

Then in the afternoon came the sparkly 687 piece assorted theme rub-ons. Those looked way cool and I don't have any rub-ons. Clearly, I needed some.

I vowed I was done shopping for the day. That was it; I'd spent enough money. But there wasn't any baseball on last night. Nobody was televised. I had to watch something while I worked on the synopsis for my proposal, right? And I tend to default to QVC because I can watch without needing to pay strict attention. That's when I saw the fall and winter themed 600+ piece self-adhesive chipboard kits. I would have been fine if the letters hadn't been so cute. I caved again.

This was it, though. I was absolutely, positively 100% finished shopping. But as I was working, I saw this card making kit. They hadn't even demonstrated it yet when I ordered, just previewed it. I love homemade cards with embellishments. Now granted, the cards I have were made by someone else, but come on, I can do this, too! I think.

See? This is why ESPN, TBS and WGN need to show more baseball! I only get in trouble like this when there aren't any games on, and with the Twins playing on the west coast tonight, I was at the mercy of QVC. And they had none. They kept showing irresistible item after irresistible item. Only my incredible willpower (STOP LAUGHING!) kept the damage from being much worse.

In other news, my dad found my wind spinner at the bottom of the shepherd's hook so I didn't lose it. He also found my rain gutter extension in my neighbor's yard. Those were two rough storms Monday night. Final total on the number of Twin Cities residents without power was something around 55,000. I'm so happy not to be one of them. Of course, it might be cheaper if I had been. No television.

Another flower bloomed yesterday too, bringing my total back up to five, although I think two will be losing their petals shortly. They just don't last long enough.