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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Flower Power

I'm guest blogging today over at the Romance Reader at Heart blog! If you have a chance, stop on over and leave a comment.

Sorry about kind of not posting yesterday, but maybe y'all can consider the flower pictures as my Wednesday post since they went up so late in the day. Yes, I overslept again and I've been busy at work and I was busy all through lunch, too. I never even had time to crack open my research book on dragons.

So my mom got this catalog in the mail from this flower place and she handed it off to me. OMG! There are hugely cool plants for sale here. I could just go wild if only I had room to put all those flowers. They have black tulips, these snow drop flowers that bloom in way early spring (like when there's still snow on the ground), these greenish flowers with maroon striping (and $60 for 3 bulbs if you order early. These bulbs also have to be lifted in the fall because they're wussy flowers), and some big huge, round flowers that come in purple or blue or other colors. They had other items too, but these are the things that really stood out for me.

Anyway, I'm eyeing the tree ring, trying to figure out how I can fit all these bulbs in that small space. And I can't believe that when the tree ring was first built, I was wondering how I was going to fill it. :-) If only my dad hadn't transplanted a dozen tiger lilies. I'm thinking of getting some big, deep planters for the front yard and putting some of these bulbs in there. I swear, I never gave a rip about flowers until this year. It must be something about owning a home.

I still need to write my speech for my presentation on Saturday. Wednesday evening, I worked on the time line of what happened when with In the Midnight Hour, but tonight I'll really have to get to work. I'd like to actually have a chance to rehearse before I get in front of an audience.

I hate how dark it is in the morning again and how early it gets dark in the evening, too. Come back, summer! Don't leave! If only I could control the axis of the earth. Um, sorry Australia and others in the Southern hemisphere, y'all get perpetual winter because I want long days. :-) Warm weather, too. I guess I'll quit here or I'll be whining about winter when it's still August and I'm running the air conditioner. :-)