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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Hate Titles or This Blog is Untitled

I read through the synopsis again--all 23 pages of it--and I didn't think it was bad. I tightened up a few things and rephrased what didn't make sense or seemed repetitive. Unless my writing buddies come back with something big, I can't imagine not having this new story ready to go to my agent by the end of this week. (Note to the universe: Please don't let them find anything major.)

The big bummer? I didn't cut much. Maybe a couple of sentences. And I couldn't see where I could delete a whole lot. I've heard authors say that it's never a good thing to give too much information in the synopsis before writing the book, but I'm not sure what I can leave out.

Anyway, I just want the synopsis done so I can move on to other things. I've got too much I need to do and not enough time to do it in and I'm just talking about my writing, not the gazillion other things that are on my list. (And I seriously want to find out if I have a story to go with all the research I did on quantum mechanics!)

My new shoes came yesterday! The left one is completely comfortable, the right one rubs against my heel. Grrr! I'm going to keep them and hope that as I break them in the rubbing stops. They're so comfortable otherwise. Plus, they make my feet look small! That's always a good thing.

There were more computer issues to solve yesterday. I couldn't get MySpace to pull up in Firefox on the laptop. That was no biggie while I didn't have high speed on that computer, but once I did, it didn't take long before I got tired of using IE. Besides, how long could it take to solve this issue? It had to be cookies or one of my add-ons, right? I cleared all my blocked cookies. Nothing. I turned off all my add-ons. Nothing. I cleared all my cookies, even the ones I wanted on my machine (and that meant reentering passwords later). Nothing. So much for quick and easy. I finally figured out it was some third party cookie issue, but that took time and I don't have it to waste. How do computer issues expand from simple to time consuming?

The storms rolled through at 2:55 this morning. I'm exhausted.