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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Midnight Hour on Television

I've seen my ad for In the Midnight Hour twice now--once on Lifetime and once on Sci-Fi Channel! That was totally, completely cool. I wish I could have afforded broader television coverage, but I did manage to catch a number of cities. I still can't get over the fact that my book is on TV. :-)

I actually have real copies of Midnight Hour in my hands now, and that means I need to sit down and read it. :-) I always read my books when they first come out. The problem is going to be finding time. I have to clean today and do laundry. I have a memory foam topper for my bed that I need to put on. Another writer said she's had trouble with her fingers going numb and that this ended the problem for her. I've been dealing with this since last fall or winter while I was working on In Twilight's Shadow and I want mine to go away, too. Some other writers have recommended these shapeable pillows, so I'll be trying one of those as well. It's hard to feel creative when you can't sleep very long, even on the weekends.

I also need to do some research, particularly on dragons, and write my speech for next Saturday's Midwest Fiction Writers' meeting. I'm doing Journey of a Novel and talking about Midnight Hour. Oh, and I need to write a blog entry...on something. And what am I doing? Sitting and watching more bridge collapse coverage. I really have to stop doing this.

One of the big tasks for the day, though, and among the most important, is figuring out how to use my DVD recorder so I can save my TV commercial for posterity. :-)