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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Name Game

So I think I found the secondary character's name. It does not start with an N or a T. Darn I hate it when they mislead me! As I was doing a general search through the name books, she liked Natasha with a nickname of Tash, but that wasn't her name, but if this was "almost" it, it must start with one of those two letters. Logical, right?

With my own resources not providing the answer, I did an online search for "unique baby names." I got a lot of hits and checked out the appropriate letters--and I still couldn't come up with her name.

It went on like this for quite some time, then I clicked on a link that had all the names on one page, and there it was. Under the F's. Argh! If she'd told me that from the beginning, it would have saved me hours of searching.

TBH, at first I wasn't sure if this was her name for real or if I just thought it was because I liked it and I was sick of searching, but after a night spent sleeping on it, I think it is right.

Speaking of sleeping, I went to bed really early last night. I was so tired, I couldn't think clearly enough to work on my synopsis and I'd had 2 nights with four hours of sleep in a row. Not good. I still couldn't get up this morning, but I feel better. And just one day was enough to backlog me again. Too much to do, not enough hours to do it all in.

I did finish hooking up my cutting machine. It's for scrapbooking and cuts out letters or shapes. I test cut a flower which I still want to refer to as a snowflake because that's what it looks like to me and my name in the font I use on my website. It worked slick as spit and I'm in love with this machine. Now I just need to start scrapbooking again, so I can use it more. I'll add that to the To Do List. Sigh.

Actually, I should make an effort to scrapbook more because I do think it helps me with my writing. It sparks my creativity, but it doesn't use the same creative muscles in my head that writing does, which means it doesn't drain me. The more creative energy flowing in, the better!