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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Nearly Eternal Synopsis

The first draft of the synopsis came in at 23 pages. Not 22 1/2. Exactly 23 pages. One more line and I would have been on page 24. I sent it off to my writing buddies for their feedback, and with a little luck, I'll have this fixed and ready to mail to my agent before Labor Day weekend. I guess, though, that's going to depend on how much work I need to do on it.

You notice there's no picture of my flower with the three blooms on it posted here. That would be because the oldest one lost all its petals before I could get down there with a camera. For one bright, shining moment there was one plant with the trifecta going on. Bummer that I didn't capture it for posterity.

I didn't get much done besides the nearly eternal synopsis (geez, I thought that thing was never going to end and I was going to have to drive a stake through its heart), but I did get some more of my stuff put away in the new cabinet.

I also tried to set up my other laptop with it's wireless card to work on my network, but it won't. I can't figure out why and it's making me nuts because I want to update that particular laptop and not over dial up. This is the computer that was wiped clean, so I have like 3 years of updates for Windows and then there's antivirus and firewall too. Plan B was to plug it in directly to the Ethernet cable, but I couldn't hook it to my cable system, and the disk wouldn't install on that laptop either. What's up with that? At the rate I'm going, I might be dragging the POS laptop home from work and taking that with me because at least it's set up and up to date.

Um, what else. I did a quick little update to my website and also updated my personal website where I keep the pictures of the characters I'm working with. I don't have permission to use those pictures so I can't post them anywhere they're likely to be spotted, but my personal website doesn't appear in any search engines and I need access to the pictures sometimes while I'm working away from home--like at the EDJ (Evil Day Job).

And last night was frustrating. First, this bizarre dream about kittens wakes me about about 11:45, then, about 2 hours later, the thunderstorms rolled through. I'm tired!