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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hall Monitor

I know most people who visit the blog don't comment, but for those that do, you'll notice that I've switched comments to moderated status. Some spammer has apparently figured out a way around the verification system that keeps them from posting crap. I happened to be online the two times the spam comments were made and deleted them quickly, but
that might not always be the case. I thought about turning off anonymous comments to foil them, but I didn't want to force anyone to register with Blogger who didn't want to do that. So best I could come up with was to moderate what gets posted. With a little luck, the Blogger experts will come up with a brilliant idea to solve this and I can turn moderation off again.

I managed to squeeze in reading most of In the Midnight Hour. I always like to read my books when they come out because usually by this point, it's like someone else wrote it. :-) Found a couple of things that made me nuts. Like the missing word. Sigh. I read the galleys twice, my mom read the galleys twice, and a proofreader for the publisher read through them and none of us saw that. I checked my copy to see if it has somehow magically disappeared between galley and book, but no. We just all missed it.

Then there's the thing that's making me nuts every time I think about it. In a scene in chapter 5, I talk about the heroine using "keyless entry" to get in her SUV. In the book, it's "keys entry." WTF? So I looked that up in my copy of the galley, too, thinking there was no way I'd miss that, and I was right, it was keyless entry in there, so who the heck changed it? Now the sentence makes no sense whatsoever. Argh!

Despite having no sleep for 4 nights, I still couldn't fall asleep last night. That's so frustrating! As soon as I tried to go to bed, though, my brain started whirling and for some reason, it suddenly became imperative that I know the first name of this character that's hanging out in my head. I got up three different times to search through the baby name books. I still don't have his given name, but I did finally fall asleep. I think it was self-defense. :-)

I would have liked to lounge in bed longer, but today is my local chapter meeting and I like going to those when I don't have a book due. The speaker today is Echo Bodine who's a psychic, ghostbuster and healer. I took a psychic development class from her a while back and she's a really interesting speaker. Plus, I think this idea that involves the hero with no first name is going to have psychic stuff going on so a refresher wouldn't hurt. I suppose I better round up a pen and a pad of paper before I go.