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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sometimes It Just Doesn't Matter

Dad story. Over the weekend, he began the process of putting some shelves up for me in the garage. Before you think I'm working the poor man to death, I should explain that he doesn't sit still well. He always needs to be doing something. If it wasn't putting shelves up for me, it would have been something for his lodge.

Anyway, he had some old shelving units that were rusty, so he bought some cream-colored paint for the metal shelves. He sprayed them on Saturday. Then on Sunday, he decided to put backs on the shelving units, only now his paint for metal won't work because the backs are some other kind of material. Unbeknownst to me, he decided to paint those, too, and went to the store to get some different type.

This is when I found out what was going on. He came over to my house and explained that they wanted to charge him $10 to mix a quart of paint to match the color of the other paint, and if he bought the premade color, it was like a buck something. He wanted to make sure that this was okay because it was a brown color.

Uh, these are the shelving units in my garage; I don't care what color they're painted. Heck, I didn't even care if they were painted at all. It took a little while to convince him that the color didn't matter.

Then Sunday night, when I went over to my parents' house for dinner, he wanted to find out what I thought of the color. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I never even looked at them, so I assured him they looked great. When I got home, I finally checked them out. It's a brown that will hide the dirt nicely. Besides, the shelving units are in the garage.

You'd think that would be the end of it, wouldn't you? But nope, he asked me again on Monday if the color was okay. Sigh.

And now for something completely different.

In Sunday's paper here, there was an article about fashion week and there were pictures of some of the dresses. There were two that I wanted to save because they might work for one of my heroines. I thought about scanning, but not only was the picture newspaper quality, but one of them was too long for my scanner. No problem, right? Quick little internet search and all would be found.

I was half right. The dress that I thought would be hard to find was easy since it was right on the front page of the What's New section on the designer's website. It wasn't easy to save it since it was posted in flash player. Luckily for me, I knew how to get around that, and while it took a little work, I have that picture.

What I couldn't find was the sea-foam green, Greek goddess dress. The reason I thought it would be quick to find was the fact that it was the largest picture on the page. Surely, that meant there'd be dozens of pictures of it on the net by now. I started with local paper's website. Nada. I noticed the article was reprinted from the Washington Post and I registered for their website. Nada.

Next up was an online search. Tons of dresses came up, but not that one. On to the designer's website. This dress was part of the collection for Spring/Summer 2008, and she only had the two collections for 2007 up. More searching online using different search terms. Nada. I gave up and resigned myself to keeping the newspaper article.