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Friday, September 21, 2007

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

So yesterday pretty much ended up being a bust for writing. I did a little tweaking during lunch, maybe added a quarter of a page or so, but I got nothing accomplished when I got home. I'd barely checked email when it started to lightning, so that meant off the computer. The severe thunderstorm warning turned into a tornado warning when a funnel cloud was spotted not that far from where I live. Lucky me, my city was in the path, so I dragged the laptop (life support! It has all my books on it.), my purse, and my car keys to the basement and settled down to wait out the 45 minutes of the warning.

Talk about a waste of time, but better safe than dead, and the weather was pretty rough for a while. There was even hail and I had standing water in my tree ring.

That was pretty much the most exciting event of the day, and for a while with the tornado sirens screeching, it was more than enough.

So I got a new gardening catalog on Wednesday, and this one had some different stuff than the company I ordered all my other bulbs from. I've got at least a dozen pages dogeared and I'm sooo tempted. I really shouldn't order any more, but some of them are beautiful and they even have a garden layout (including a plant collection to buy) that's designed especially to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Now how cool would that be? Plus, I wouldn't have to play designer, they have it all laid out for me.

When I mentioned it to my dad, he threatened to take my gardening catalogs away from me. :-) Okay, so I tend to be just a tad compulsive and gardening is my latest thing. It doesn't mean that everyone won't enjoy the beautiful flowers I'll have next spring, summer and fall, right?

BTW, the Milwaukee Brewers have a player named Corey Hart. Every single time I hear that name, I think Never Surrender. :-) And wasn't he the Sunglasses at Night guy, too? Or am I confusing him with that other singer from the 80s?