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Friday, October 12, 2007

And Then It Was Titles

While I'm waiting for feedback on my current project, I decided it was a good time to work on a title. I totally, completely suck at them and I hate coming up with them, but I've always believed you need a title that sells the story to the editor even if it never gets used on the final book. Unfortunately, there have been some books where I haven't even come up with that much. :-( It's just hard to be clever.

I searched online at lunch yesterday to see if anyone else had any good suggestions, and I found one of my own tricks listed, so that was no help. Then I found one I hadn't thought of. I tried using that, but nothing turned up that made me go, oooh, that's it!

The best one I could come up with was pretty boring. I've brainstormed with every word I can think of, used the thesaurus, searched online. How do some people do it? How do they come up with clever titles? Oh, I used to be able to do it. Back when I was in college, I came up with brilliant titles for my papers, not just for me, but for the other kids on my dorm floor. Did I use them all up or something?

And now for something completely different. Fire drill yesterday at the Evil Day Job (EDJ). They couldn't do it last week when it was warm--nope, we have to traipse outside in 40 degree weather. Of course, I got made fun of for wearing a hat along with my winter jacket. Someone asked where my gloves were, so I pulled my mittens out of my pockets. Hah! Bet he thought I didn't have those with me.

I wanted to stay up last night and watch the National League playoff game, but I was so tired, I couldn't make it. I ended up going to bed by 8:30. How sad is that? But Colorado won (yea!) and I'm rooting for them to sweep the series. Arizona beat my beloved Chicago Cubs and therefore they must lose. :-)