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Friday, October 05, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Got the estimate yesterday for the new garden retaining wall and the final price on what cleaning out my vents will cost. Talk about sticker shock! Yikes. And to think, I thought $400 was bad for the vent thing. The final damage will be much worse. :-( I'm going to do it because I have allergies, but this one is going to hurt.

Then there's the new garden. Sigh. It's going to cost a couple hundred more than what I set as my top "do it" figure. Now I have to decide if I do it anyway, or if I wait. The only pro to doing it later is having a chance to save some money.

The pros to doing it now: 1) I won't have to dig up all the bulbs and replant them like I would have to if I waited till later. 2) my dad won't be out there hand digging the garden because he refuses to use a roto-tiller, so it saves him stress. 3) the built up wall will help keep the bulbs safe from burrowing rodents since I can't find crushed shells anywhere.

I have to make a decision this morning and I just can't reach one. I'm hoping for an epiphany. I hear those happen sometimes.

I'm still worried about the project I'm working on, but that didn't stop me from adding to it yesterday. I don't know why.

And I'm trying to remind myself that it's a miracle the Cubs even made the playoffs. That I never should have counted on them doing anything--like winning. Every other team I'm rooting for is winning, why not my Cubs?

In weather news, it's been raining since like 1:45 and I'm hoping the freeway isn't flooded.