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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Geeky Fun

I had some geeky fun yesterday. :-) I bought a label maker and spent some time in the afternoon labeling my files. :-) Hey, it was way cool! I have some 2" hanging files and I labeled one "Projects," then I pulled out my really cool bright-colored file folders and labeled each one of those with the stories I'm working on or have worked on.

I tend to make notes on lined paper as I work and then it all starts piling up. I had notes in my great room, on the kitchen island counter, in the spare bedroom, and accumulating in my office. They were making me nuts and had to go somewhere. Now everything is neatly labeled, so I'll be able to find it when I need it, and when I sell one of the projects, I can move its file from "Projects" to its very own hanging folder.

Speaking of needing to organize, I found the electronic version of something I needed for the current project. It's not the hard copy--I looked everywhere for that darn thing and I still can't find it--but the e-copy is good enough. I'll just print it out again and add it to my collection of papers. And yes, I do have a file labeled for this project, but while I'm working on something, I drag every scrap of paper with me to the EDJ so I can work on it during lunch.

BTW, my insomnia is back, so forgive me if this post wasn't quite as coherent as it should be. I thought I was bad yesterday, that's nothing compared to how I feel today.