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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Dog Time!

The last of the flower bulbs has been planted! Hallelujah! If I wasn't so tired, I'd post the dancing Hobbes because I've never been so glad to have anything over in my life. Never again will I ever order this many bulbs at the same time--so help me God.

Of course, the damn yard work isn't exactly done yet, but I feel as if the worst is over. It'll all be worth it next spring and summer--that's what I keep telling myself.

Amusing story. A few months ago I ordered a garden tool from QVC. I know, huge shock that I bought it online from them. Anyway, it's an 8 in 1 tool and I liked it for weeding, but it proved itself invaluable during this bulb planting marathon. My dad picked it up on Saturday to use because the other tools (which all belong to him) weren't handy. It's funny how my garden tool ended up in his hand continually the rest of that day and next three days, as well. And last night, when he packed up his tools and took them home, he loaded up my handy dandy gadget, too. Something tells me I'm not getting it back. Fortunately, they're still available (though on clearance) and I ordered a new one for myself.

The USB wireless connector thing arrived yesterday and I hooked up the old laptop to it. The thing worked slick as spit and I was able to get everything updated in a couple of hours rather than days (or weeks) on dial up. Now this was definitely worth the investment for non-wireless capable computers.

Now that the copy edits are on their way to NYC and the planting is done, maybe I can get some writing done again.