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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Stink at Titles (Blog or Otherwise)

I actually got a little sleep last night--not as much as I needed, but hey, I'm just happy I got some. That made it easier to get out of bed this morning, and so I didn't hit the snooze as many times as usual. Cool, I thought, I'll be able to blog from home this morning instead of the EDJ (Evil Day Job) or at least be able to answer comments.

Instead, I spent all the "extra" time I had trying to get my laptop to pick up the wireless signal from the router. This included several boot-ups of the laptop, one boot-up of the desktop, and unplugging the router for a minute and plugging it back in. One of the last two steps worked. :-) Since did both simultaneously, I'm not sure which one it was.

This has become a frustration for me since this weekend when the power went out for a minute or two. There wasn't lightning so I don't know what happened, but that seemed to have knocked the router out on Saturday morning. Computers--you gotta love them--or something. ;-)

I stopped by my parents house on the way home from work yesterday. The first thing my mom asks is: "Did you stop and get gas?" Um, no, why? Apparently, I was late. I looked at the clock and it's 3pm. Not that late. Besides, it was raining yesterday and Minnesotans can't drive in rain. But gee, how close is she paying attention to my schedule? I rarely stop off on my way home so the timing isn't something she could be accustomed to.

The other parent event of the day involves my dad. I saw him digging out the space for my garden on Monday when I got home from the EDJ and it was a lot of work. It just seemed smarter to get the wall put around the garden this fall rather than having him dig it out, pile dirt in, and then get the retaining wall put up next spring. So we talked about hiring the guy who did my tree ring and my dad said he'd call him and see when he could come out and give an estimate.

Now here's the funny dad part. I drive home and the phone's ringing as I walk in the door. Of course, I didn't reach it in time. I had my purse, my tote bag, a couple of bags full of stuff my mom had given me and my shoes were wet from the rain. I wasn't traipsing through the house with those on.

After missing the phone, I put down my bags, took off my shoes, and the phone rings again, so jacket still on, I rush to the computer room. It's my dad. I just had to shake my head. Does he think I can beam myself home like Star Trek? And when I didn't answer the first time, he didn't wait very long to call the second time. I guess he was pretty impatient to talk to me. :-) Anyway, the tree-ring guy is coming out to give my dad an estimate tomorrow morning.

And I got some semi-decent work in on my latest project yesterday--both on lunch and in the evening. If I hadn't been so darn tired, I could have done more. I love it when things actually go well!

Baseball playoffs start today. Unfortunately, the Cubs/Diamondbacks game is on at 9pm MN time which means I won't be able to watch much of it.