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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ia ora na

The project I've been working on is a futuristic (or SFR if you prefer). My characters have been minimally cooperative and I have very little information about them or their story. I want more. So--of course--my Polynesian couple unloaded with a boatload of details today. Do I have to tell you that they're not in the futuristic? I didn't think so.

I still don't have their names or where the story takes place, but I know what their jobs are, I know how they meet, and I know they both have tattoos. Deciding to go with the flow, I researched yesterday during my lunch hour instead of reading and then I did more research when I got home. The tattoo situation for him is going to be interesting. The Maori consider ta moko important to their culture and do not like it when people who aren't Maori take their designs. My hero is half Maori, but grew up in the US and I'm not quite sure what the rules are in relation to him. That was one of the items I was trying to figure out Tuesday. I might end up having to email someone who's Maori to ask. I hate contacting strangers out of the blue--even if their email addresses are associated with websites--and asking questions. I've done it before, but.... It's that shyness thing again.

Anyway, he's pretty damn hot. IMO, of course. He's also been through an ordeal and is still trying to heal from it. More research upcoming on that front. The book opens in his Point of View with a prologue--at least in my head it does. I try to stay away from prologues, but I haven't been altogether successful with that. I figure I'll write this story the way it's coming in and worry about whether or not I need a prologue later.

The other thing I'm not 100% certain of is the suspense element and what's driving the plot. That I'm not too worried about yet. It's early yet in this story's development and I usually get the characters first, everything else later.

So here I am, trying to focus on one world and hearing characters from another story. Do you want to bet that when I try to focus on my Polynesian couple that they go silent?

BTW, in case you wondered, the title of this blog post is Reo ma'ohi for "hello." (That's the Tahitian language according to a quick online search.)