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Thursday, October 04, 2007


This is like paradise, nirvana, and utopia all rolled in to one for me. All day baseball. Bliss! I started out with the 2pm game (MN Time), then we rolled right into the 5pm game and then my beloved Chicago Cubs. Today's another day of heaven for baseball fans. Is there anything better than the playoffs? My only complaint is why are the Cubs games on so darn late??? 9pm on Wednesday and 9pm today, too. That doesn't work for me, not with a 4am wake up call.

BTW, it's not easy being a Cubs fan and not just because of a couple of late night games. They lost last night. As many times as I tell myself not to hope, to remember how painful it is when they lose, I can't seem to help myself.

I did get more work done yesterday on the newest project. I think it sucks and it's boring and I don't know what I was thinking of to ever believe I could pull together an idea like this. Neither Ethan nor Rafferty are talking to me and neither of their heroines have ever said a word, let alone given me their names. I particularly need Rafferty's heroine to talk because she's the only one who can tell me about her world. Let me find a wall so I can bang my head against it.

In other news, my dad decided that I should get my vents in the house cleaned out--he's probably right since they did a half-assed job cleaning them out before I closed on the house--but I just about choked on the price. Over $300. Yikes!

I've got a book signing coming up this weekend at the Mall of America with a whole bunch of other authors. If you're in Minnesota and interested in coming out, I have all the details on My Website.