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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Password Shuffle

My password expired at the EDJ (Evil Day Job) this morning and I had to pick a new one. I absolutely hate having to go through this every 3 months. We're not allowed to repeat anything we've used before, and we can't even start with something similar to what we've used before. Oh, yeah, and it has to be letters and numbers. Just to add an extra layer of difficulty, we're only allowed 8 characters and none of them can be symbols. I've gone through everything that would be easy to remember and now I'm having to invent stuff. I hate it.

Anyone with an IS background is thinking well, it's good to be secure, so quit your complaining. I maintain that there is less danger of someone hacking into the EDJ computer and using the name of one of the castaways from Gilligan's Island to hack my account than there is of someone walking into the building and checking for where I wrote down my now-impossible-to-remember password. :-)

Today, my first option was rejected by the system without explanation. I don't know why since it fit the parameters for passwords. My only guess is that maybe it didn't like that it was 6 characters instead of 8.

But not to worry, I came up with an even-more-difficult-to-remember alternative which was 8 characters and that was accepted. I carefully wrote it down across my calendar so that any thief off the street can come in and access whatever he or she wants. ;-)