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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Place Your Bets!

Sunday night the Red Sox won the American League pennant. That means that from the time the playoffs started (and I'm counting Colorado's one game play off with San Diego to see who would get the wild card slot) every team I've wanted to win has won--with the exception of my beloved Chicago Cubs. I don't know why they were immune from my mojo, but if we exclude them, I'm absolutely 100% dead on. :-)

Those of you who want to fly off to Vegas and bet on the World Series are undoubtedly dying to know who I'm rooting for next. I think it's Colorado. I'm like 95% sure. The only uncertainty comes from the fact that I cheer on the Sox because they're the Yankees arch enemy and I hate the damn Yankees. (Sorry Yankee fans.) So I've rooted for Boston for a few years and there's a slight possibility that I might not be able to root against them. I don't think it's going to happen, but you never know.

In writing news, I'm nearly finished with my copy edits. I just have two more questions to think about--both in the epilogue--then I'll do one more read through, and send it back. I've really had great copy edits on my books, and I've particularly enjoyed this most recent set because there have been scattered comments throughout--all nice stuff. It's great to get that kind of feedback in addition to having my boo boos caught.

My cable internet was down on Monday morning! Talk about your Mercury retrograde issue. I recycled the router and the desktop computer like three times a piece, but I came to the conclusion it had to be cable even though I had television. All systems were go on the router with the exception of the net. I had to plug in the phone and--GASP--use dial up again! OMG, am I spoiled! It was painfully slow. Luckily, everything was working when I got home yesterday afternoon, but man, it makes me wonder how I managed with dial up for all those years.