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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Unending Day

It is going to be an exceptionally LONG day today. My RWA chapter has a workshop today that starts at 9am and goes until 4pm, and since our speaker is creativity coach Eric Maisel, I signed up. I've heard really, really good things about him and anything that gets--and keeps--the creativity flowing is a good thing.
So the workshop ends at 4pm and then I have to meet the authors participating in the book signing at 5pm. The Mall of America isn't far from the hotel at all, but that isn't going to give me much time to put on makeup and get ready--something I'll probably end up doing in a public restroom at the hotel. Sigh. It's just too far for me to drive home and back in the time allotted.

I can't even tell you how much I am not looking forward to the signing. We're expected to READ ALOUD from our books for 5 minutes. I printed out the scene I plan to use last night and read it. I discovered it was much longer than 5 minutes, so I looked for a good place to cut and read it again while timing it. Still well over five minutes. I began trimming it in the middle--a sentence here, a paragraph there. It's like slightly over 5 minutes, but I figure as nervous as I'll be, I'll probably be reading so fast, I'll finish in less time than at home. :-)

Someone please stop me from volunteering to do this next time, okay?