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Friday, November 09, 2007

Again and Again and Again

So far I've gone through three baby name books and checked out a huge list of French names on two different websites. My heroine repeatedly shoots down everything. I ask, "What about Gabriella?" She says with warning in her voice, "Gabby." I suggest, "Abrielle?" She intones, "Abby." It doesn't take any interpretation to know what her tone means--I name her something like this and I can forget getting any cooperation. Since I write by listening to the characters, she gets her way.

I'm dead tired of digging through all this stuff, but I'll trudge onward. I have a couple more books to stick in my bag and look at during lunch at work today. I also have a bunch more French name sites to wade through.

In other news, my holiday Amaryllis arrived yesterday. It's planted, but nothing is growing yet. The instructions said to place it in a utility tub with 1-3" of water and let the water be drawn upward. Last night, after 4 hours in the water, the top of the soil still wasn't damp, so I ran water on it. That might have been a mistake since it dislodged soil.