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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Back To Names

I hope everyone had a good Halloween. I forgot what day it was until I got to the EDJ yesterday and saw everyone wearing orange. Oops! If I had remembered, I would have wished everyone a great holiday.

I wish I had something interesting to talk about. I worked some on one of my proposals yesterday. It's nearly ready to send to my agent for some feedback except for one small thing. I still need to hammer out a better plot idea for one of the stories; that's the main hold up right now.

My Polynesian heroine still needs a name. I thought I had it, but it's just never settled on her right. In fact, she's stopped talking to me since I started using it. I'm guessing that means it's wrong. Darn it, I hate it when they don't tell me their names. And I know, that's a complete 180 from how I was lamenting the fact that I never get to pick my characters' names. After being forced to come up with Logan's last name on my own, I changed my mind--fast. Now I've got two separate proposal packages where characters are refusing to divulge their names. And it's all the women! I'm taking this to mean I have a better rapport with these heroes. :-) After all, I have first and last names for all of them.

So let's see where I stand. No name for my Polynesian heroine. No last name for Hope. She's the heroine in one of the books in the proposal I'm close to finishing up. Also no name at all for Rafferty's heroine, also part of that proposal. That would be three out of three. :-) I guess I should console myself with the fact that Shona gave me her name months ago.

Ooh! Do you think they'll start sharing when Mercury leaves retrograde? I didn't think of that, but maybe that is the problem since the planet does affect communications.

I know y'all are probably sick of reading about my naming problems. Hell, I'm sick of having naming problems. Once everyone has a name, I'll stop blogging about this, I promise.