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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Picture Searches

My holiday cards arrived yesterday, so it's all okay. They turned out nice, now I just need time to write them up and send them out.

The UPS guy also brought copies of Through a Crimson Veil in French. I think I got 5 copies and they're really banged up. Good thing I ordered from Amazon France when the book first came out. Not only did I get cleaner, nicer looking copies, but I also got them much sooner. Not that I can read French, but one of my writing buddies is a French teacher, so she can read it for me. I still think this is like the coolest thing ever. I should see if my friend will write up a contest thing for French speakers and they can win one. Heaven knows what I'll do with this many copies. Of course, then I'd have to figure out how to read the entries.

In other news, I didn't throw chapter 1 away yesterday and start over--yet. I'm taking this as a good sign. :-) I ended up doing a lot of research today, and darn I wish I could find better pictures of Port Canaveral. Most of what I found involved the big cruise ships and I'm interested in the docks for the charter fishing boats. I finally ended up plugging addresses into Google Maps to try and figure out where the big ships were in comparison to the fishing vessels, but I still need to know where the parking lot is and what kind of view someone sitting in their car would have of the water. This is why futuristics are easier--I could just make up a port and set it up however worked for me. Instead, here I am trying to use a real port.