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Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Steps Back

So Saturday night, I cut the entire first chapter of the proposal in progress. Again. I've lost track now of how many times I've been forced to do this. I know it had to be done otherwise it would take far too long to get the story rolling, but I'm not sure if this new way is working either. I'm on page four and so far the heroine is just sitting in her car. I hope I've added enough tension to make it work, but...

I guess I'll find out when I either a) cut the chapter again and start over or b) send it to my writing buddies and hear them shriek in horror.

Over the long weekend, I also watched a lot of animal shows on a variety of channels. The highlight was March of the Penguins although I managed to miss most of it. The thing is do these shows always have to be so depressing? I've seen dead penguins galore. I've seen other birds attack baby penguins. I've watched baby turtles drown and watched a wolf run down a baby caribou or gazelle or something. It gets even worse when they talk about how man has treated animals. Just once I'd like to see an animal show where they don't show them dying, being hunted by man or other animals, and where I don't have to hear about how their numbers have been decimated.

Don't even get me started about the damn whale hunters.

I know. It's the way things are, but I still want to see the Disney version of nature just for a break from the endless loss of life.