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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Power of Two

I was making some online rounds this week and discovered that The Power of Two is listed as Out of Stock on Dorchester's website. What that means is the publisher has no more copies, and once places like Amazon and sell out of what they have, this book will be out of print. I've been through this once before and it took two years for that title to be reprinted. So if you want a copy of TPOT, you might want to pick it up soon.

Two other books in the 2176 series are out of stock, too, and after the holidays I'll check into whether or not the series is scheduled to be printed again or if it's going to sit like this for a while. When my first book became unavailable in 2004, I fielded a ton of emails from people asking where they could find a copy. I didn't even have extra copies because I had no warning it was going out of print. This time, I actually do have copies of TPOT, so if prices get as high as they did on Ravyn's Flight, I might have to hold a contest or two to give some copies away.

It's snowing here and it's not supposed to stop until Monday. I think you can fill in the part where I whine for yourself, so I'll skip that.