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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eight Is Enough

My RITA books arrived. Eight of them! I think the contest needs more judges or something because that's a lot of reading when I have writing to do. I think I have about 6 weeks to read, which should be enough time, but I'll have to double check my instruction sheet to be certain.

It's supposed to be hugely cold here this weekend, which would actually be a perfect time to curl up in bed with a book, but it's also a prime writing time for me. So guess what I'll be doing? Yep, writing. I signed up for my chapter's Book In A Week--we do it every month--and I'm behind on my goal. I'm going to need Saturday desperately.

The newspaper here had an article on hard-to-kill houseplants and it's got me thinking I should get a few more plants. And then I remind myself that I didn't want a jungle inside my house. I have two poinsettias, two amaryllis and 1 lucky bamboo plant. It's already starting to get jungle-like, although the red poinsettia has been dying almost since the day I brought it home.

If y'all have been hearing the merger talks between NWA and Delta, you know things are not calm and peaceful at the Evil Day Job (EDJ). The last thing I want is to relocate to Atlanta. For one, I just moved into my house about 18 months ago and for another, Atlanta is having a horrible water shortage. Why would you want to move more people into that city? Anyway, I keep reminding myself that there's no point worrying about it until I have to, but there are days that's tough.

And some person who's name was "unknown" on caller ID woke me up at 1:30 this morning when he tried to logon to the Internet using my phone number. Argh!