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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's the Darn Fight Scene

I think I've mentioned how tough it's been for me to write this past week. I attributed it all to getting back into the swing of being on deadline again after not having that time pressure for a while. On Monday, though, something happened to make me doubt that.

I didn't have much sleep Sunday night and I was doing the head bobs at work. I was struggling to write on lunch and finally reached where the actual fight begins. It didn't take more than an instant to decide I was in no frame of mind to actually write it, so I typed something along the lines of "Insert fight scene here" and continued on. And a funny thing happened--the writing began to flow again.

Then I remembered that it had been flowing last week while I was writing about Logan and his family, it was only when I got into the part where I was setting up the action that my pace bogged down.

Hmm. That deserved some consideration. What was it about the fight scene that was slowing me down? I know I need it up front because it sets up one of Logan's issues for the book. Same thing with the scene between him and his family--it sets up how important they are to him particularly his brother, Kel.

After thinking about it for some time, I began to wonder if it's because I need some different way for Logan to fight the dark-force creature. Now I have to do some more thinking.