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Monday, January 28, 2008

Let's Fight Off Monday!

Have y'all seen that commercial from The one where people grab satellite dishes, coffee table tops, mattresses and whatever else they can get their hands on and race to the top of a hill. They hold up their items like shields, trying to fight it off, but the sun rises anyway. The tagline? Stop Fighting Mondays.

I love that ad--and I feel that way right now. I wish I could grab up something and fight off Monday. It's another five days at the Evil Day Job (EDJ) and this week also has a dentist appointment. Talk about way down on the fun-o-meter.

No movie reviews this weekend. My disk from Netflix arrived with a big ol' crack in it, and so I was forced to rewatch Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. The original is the best and most fun. :-)

I just missed seeing a show on the National Geographic Channel last night about Special Ops soldiers. I caught like the last 5 minutes. I can't believe I was watching HGTV and coverage of some multi-state garage sale when I could have seen a show about Spec Ops. Sigh. I hope they repeat it.