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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a bird! It's....

Good news. We're safe from the asteroid. I know y'all were worried about that, right? ;-) Actually, the first I heard of it was yesterday, but I guess there isn't much point in broadcasting this near miss since there'd be nothing we could do to save ourselves anyway if it was going to hit Earth.

But don't put away your hard hat yet, the article in USA Today continues on, focusing in on the spy satellite that's going to hit our planet. Somewhere. No one knows where, but rest assured, the government is monitoring the situation. This would be the same government, BTW, which launched the satellite (it lost power) and can pinpoint when it will come down to February or March. :-) Yep, heavy sarcasm, but then this thing "could contain hazardous materials." (per USA Today).

On a slightly more upbeat note, there was an interesting show on PBS about The Parthenon. From what I saw, it seems like the ancient Greeks had some pretty advanced building techniques. The most incredible thing was they had it up in less than 9 years. There's a restoration underway right now and they've been at it for quite some time and still have a long way to go.