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Friday, January 18, 2008

Mac vs. PC

Yesterday I was looking at the new Macbook Air, it's Apple's super thin laptop computer and it had me drooling. At least until I saw the price and read some information on a forum of Mac people. The battery isn't removable. So I crossed this off the list, but it's got me thinking about going to a Macintosh computer. Maybe a Macbook Pro--although the desktop computer needs replacing more urgently than the laptop. (But wow, if all laptops go as thin as the Mac Air, that would be just too cool!)

So I guess I'll waffle a little longer. It's not like I need to make an immediate decision anyhow. And I still like that little EEE laptop with it's inexpensive price tag as a backup laptop. Oh, and the tablet PCs I've been looking at over on the Fujitsu and HP sites. Yeah, I'm definitely having trouble making any kind of decision and usually I'm good at that.

You might have guessed this, but I like gadgets. OMG, if I had enough money to buy whatever I wanted, I'd be gadgeted up like crazy! I wonder if I've worked with my engineers too long???

I've also managed to cross a fair number of items off my To Do List, although it remains impressively long.