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Monday, January 21, 2008

Mea Culpa Redux

Um, sorry Packer and Charger fans. Yes, it's true. I was rooting for your teams. This football playoff season I've only had 1 team I've wanted to win actually do so. That was back that first week with all the wild card teams playing. I guess this means New England is destined to win the Super Bowl because I can't stand that team or their quarterback. If anyone's doing a pool, you know who to bet on. :-) It's really tough being a jinx--takes all the fun out of watching the games.

It is monumentally cold here still. I think the lowest we went was -31 with the wind chill when I first woke up on Saturday morning, but even now, my toes are cold and I am so not looking forward to going outside. I think they should dome the entire metro area and heat it. :-) It's a long walk from where the peons park at NWA to the door.

Flower report: Looks like I'll have to throw out both poinsettias at some point. The red one has been shedding since before Christmas and it looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. Now the white one it starting to lose leaves, too.