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Friday, January 04, 2008


I've had notes from readers asking for Creed and Sin's stories--both made brief appearances in In the Midnight Hour. I was able to tell them that Creed's story was next, but Sin? Well, I knew I wanted to write him at some point, but I didn't have a story for him. That all changed this week.

The first revelation was who his heroine was. I've started working on my next book and the hero has three younger sisters. Boom. Suddenly I knew that one of Logan's sisters belongs with Sin. That happened back on Monday or Tuesday, I think, but there still was no story, just a pairing. I should be used to this by now since I almost always get the characters first, but I wanted the story, too.

That came yesterday. I can't tell you what I was doing because I don't remember. I was at the Evil Day Job (EDJ), and either during lunch while I was writing Logan and Shona, or after lunch when my mind was still on them, I got it. Another boom.

It's just a general idea and not a full-blown story, but it's something I can mull over while I'm writing the WIP (Work In Progress). The best part is that there's built in conflict--I'm thinking the council divided Sin's territory in half because there's so much activity that one troubleshooter can't keep up with it, and that Tris is the one they assign to work in Los Angeles alongside him. Sin would hate that. Tris would hate that, too. But when something that's related to In Twilight's Shadow comes to their neck of the woods, they'd have to work together. (And no, because it might be a spoiler for Twilight, I'm not going to say what that is.)

Of course, who knows if I'll have the chance to write it. The story I'd like to do after Logan and Shona is Logan's brother, Kel, so this is at least two books out, but it's nice to have the idea of what to do anyway.