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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

At First Sight

After giving it some consideration, I've decided I'm going to cut down my blogging from every day to three times a week and see how that goes. So on Monday-Wednesday-Friday I'll hopefully have something to say. :-)

I've been thinking about the "first meet" scenes this week, probably because a friend of mine blogged about it. (Thanks so much, T, for giving me something more to obsess over.) She mentioned she doesn't like the cliched over-the-top attractions when the h/h meet, which of course got me to worrying about my books.

I know Mika and Conor and Ryne and Deke had strong and immediate attractions to each other. But then Mika and Conor are both half demon. Kimi and Nic's first meet happened before the novella opened, so no worries there. They had time to go over the top. :-)

Then I started thinking about my other books. Do they all go this route? I decided no. Cai and Jake had fireworks when they met, but that was because she'd lied to him for so long. Wyatt and Kendall were best friends for months before their story opened, so they, too, had time to acclimate to each other.

Which leads me to In Twilight's Shadow. It doesn't get it's own paragraph because it's my upcoming book, it gets it because I think it's the story that answers my questions about my books. Maia does appreciate Creed's looks--let's face it, the man didn't get called "pretty boy" in Midnight Hour because he's unattractive--but she's angry that he's in her house without her permission. She isn't any more thrilled when he insists he needs to stay with her and then passes out from his injury--after making her promise not to contact a healer or take him to a doctor. Out of all my stories, this book also is probably where the h/h wait the longest (page wise) to make love. Which led to me to a conclusion that I should have known without having to think about it--I write the scenes the way the characters dictate.

Some characters do feel an immediate and strong attraction, some are more annoyed by other things to really notice how they feel. Some characters have sex earlier in books than other characters. It's just the way things are and I've learned I can't force my characters to do anything they don't want to do or I come to a grinding halt and sit there until I figure out where I strayed and go back and fix it. It's a pain, but I've long ago accepted that I'm not in charge. :-)