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Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's a Book!

My ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) arrived today for In Twilight's Shadow. They look beautiful. :-) It's almost as good as getting actual copies of the official book. This is my first chance to see the spine and back of the cover. Actually, it's my first time I've seen the cover in anything except electronic format and that's always darn cool. I think it looks striking and (hopefully) it will stand out among the other books.

I also discovered that the back cover copy I have up on my website is missing a few words, so when I have some time, I'll have to update that and upload the new version. I can also see the font they used for the copy and it's clean and legible, and most importantly, easily readable. Yea!

Sorry, I didn't mean to run on about every facet of the ARC. My plan was to talk about how exciting it is to actually hold something like this in my hand and think, "wow, I wrote this." It doesn't matter that this is my sixth full-length book, it's still a huge thrill. And it's still surreal in a way, you know?

When I received copies of my first book, it didn't feel real. I kept thinking, this can't be my story. I kept reaching for Ravyn's Flight reading parts of it, trying to get it to sink in that hey, I wrote this. I finally just started carrying it with me everywhere I went because I constantly had to assure myself it was reality. :-) It took two weeks before it finally penetrated that it really, truly was my work. There are times I still wonder if this is real, but I think I like the wonder of it all, you know? It's just magical to hold a book I wrote in my hands and I'm glad I haven't lost that.

So now I have to figure out when to send copies out for review. Too early and the reviews get posted too far in advance of the book. Too late and the reviewer doesn't have enough time to read the book and write her review. I'm still not certain I have the timing exactly right, but eventually I'll learn. I hope.