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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Small Pleasures

I actually had an interesting topic occur to me--at least I assumed that others besides me would find it interesting--but I ran out of time this morning and now I'm at the Evil Day Job (EDJ), so I can't spend a lot of time writing a post. So I'll save this idea for when I do have time and talk about something quicker today.

The lunar eclipse last night was cool! I tried to take pictures, and while I did get some early on, once we reached totality, there wasn't enough light reflecting off the moon for the camera to see. So the viewfinder screen was completely black even though I could see the moon with my eyes. Did I ever mention that once upon a time I wanted to be an astronomer?

One of the guys at the EDJ asked me if I'd gone outside to watch the eclipse. Yeah, right. It was -2 with the wind chill yesterday when I left work--there was no way I was going outside.

Yesterday I also had the broom vac I ordered show up! I'm hugely excited about this, which I find really ironic. I used to work with a woman who bought a new vacuum cleaner and she waxed on and on about it for 45 minutes. At that time, I thought, who gets that excited about a household appliance? I get it now.

Anyway, I wanted the broom vac for quick clean-ups. It's kind of cumbersome to haul out the big vacuum all the time, but because it's winter in MN, I have all kinds of grit in my laundry room. This is where I go in and out of the house from the garage and the grit is from sand they lay down in the parking lot to help with traction. Now I'll just be able to grab the broom vac, do a quick clean up, and get that grit off my floor!

It has to charge for 24 hours, so I'll see how well it does on the clean up when I get home tonight. Fingers crossed that I love it.