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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Three Heroines

I don't write in first person--I don't even like to read first person books, although I can bear it in mysteries. Sometimes. Right now, though, I have two characters talking to me and telling me their stories this way. Neither, of course, would be the heroine in the Work In Progress (WIP). She shows me scenes instead; this is normal.

One story is an apocalyptic deal, which I'll probably never write. I mean, how many "survivors after a hideous ordeal on a future planet Earth" books do we need? The heroine in this one piped up telling me about how it was looked at as God's anger with man. Not exactly the cheeriest beginning ever, but then it's kind of a dark story. I've been given about half a dozen scenes here, which has made it intriguing for me to watch, but I seriously doubt I'm writing this even if I do know who her hero is and kind of what happens between them.

The other story is one I do plan to write. Not in first person, of course. This heroine isn't quite as dramatic. She's all about telling me her name and how people react to hearing it. I have a vague sense of her hero, but I haven't had scenes here--just the heroine talking. She hasn't bothered to share anything much, certainly no scenes that I can use later when I do write this story, but she fascinates me.

Shona is the heroine from the WIP. She's not talking in first person, which is probably a good thing, but wow, the scenes she and Logan have shared. :-) I just hope I don't forget the details by the time I reach those parts of the book.