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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cue the Circus Music

I ended up needing more work done on my car and they couldn't do it on a weekend or after I was done at the Evil Day Job, so I brought it in Monday night and received a loaner car. A Ford Focus.

When the guy brought it around and got out, I waited for the rest of the circus to climb out behind him. Yep, it was so tiny, it looked like a clown car! Fortunately, there was more room inside the car than there appeared to be from outside, but it still rode low to the ground compared to my SUV.

My worries about them not having it done before I left work on Tuesday turned out to be unfounded. They called me at 7:23 in the morning to tell me it was done. Um, if it was that quick a job, why did I have to leave my car overnight? Why couldn't they just do it right away and let me leave? Heck, they were faster replacing the tie rod end linky things than they were changing my oil!

Anyway, I swung by after work, returned the circus car to them and picked up my SUV. Here's one the great unponderables of my day: Why does it always feel as if the seat is wrong when I pick up my car from being serviced? It just didn't seem to be right, so I messed around with the buttons until I decided the seat hadn't been moved and that I should have just left it alone. Do you think it's because I got used to the loaner's seat that quickly? That's my only theory at this point. :-)

I'm so hoping I'm done with car stuff for a while now. I've had enough!

On the writing front, I'm trying to think how to end the scene I'm working on now. Usually, I have a clear idea of what I need and/or want to do, but I don't with this particular one. That's usually a sign that maybe I don't need it and I should see about combining it with another, but that's not the case this time. This particular scene is vital to the book.

I'm totally blaming this problem on the characters. They aren't sharing stuff from the part of the book I'm working on. Later stuff, or stuff that happens off stage--that they're showing me. Sigh. My only consolation is that I know other authors have recalitrant heroes and heroines.