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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sunshine Day

Tuesday it was 49 degrees and sunny. I drove with my car windows rolled down for most of my commute home, enjoying the fresh air and the warm temperatures. It was super fabulous! Massive snow melt in my backyard and I can even see grass around my Styrofoam plant protectors. Ah, bliss!

For those of you who've read through my computer dithering, I finally made a decision on Monday afternoon. The Evil Day Job (EDJ) offers employee discounts at Apple, so I went online and ordered an iMac when I got home that day.

It's actually kind of funny how much trouble I have buying desktop computers when I don't have the same problem with laptops. But then my Sony Vaio is the first laptop I've had that's lasted for three years. Usually, I kill them in the 1-2 year range. But my desktops, those I keep for 6-8 years, which I guess makes it a much bigger commitment for me psychologically. I think it's been about 2 years that I debated back and forth on the desktop. First, I decided to wait for Vista, then I decided to wait for SP1 for Vista, then I added Mac to the mix when I kept hearing such horror stories about Vista. My last option was to just keep running the old desktop until a new OS came out--Microsoft is working on the successor to Vista as we speak. That plan was shot to pieces by the current desktop slowing down to tortoise speed.

So the commitment is made and I customized my iMac, adding more RAM, so there are no returns. I'm truly stuck now. Everyone has told me how much I'll like it and I did love the Mac I had back when I was in college. I'm sure I'll love this one, too. I hope.

Now, I need to clean my office so I can put the iMac at my desk and move the PC to the ancillary desk behind it. My plan with the old computer is to delete everything I can off the drive and see if that doesn't help it hang on for a while longer.

Anyway, I bored everyone at the EDJ on Tuesday with tales of my new computer, and now I can add my blog readers to that group. I can't help it, though, this is a major purchase for me. :-)

There will, of course, be reports after the new computer arrives. You've been warned. ;-)