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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gone With the Wind

We'll have to chalk this up as Wednesday's post early--or maybe Monday's post late. It has been one hellaciously busy week, so far and it shows no signs of letting up.

After a week off, I returned to the Evil Day Job (EDJ) on Monday just in time to hear the NWA/Delta talk really take off. I also had to catch up on all the work that piled up in my absence. If y'all have turned on a television lately, you know that after months of talk, the merger did get announced. Oh happy day. Not. Today we had two meetings to tell us basically what you've all seen on the news.

Anyway, let's move on to Adventures in Gale-Force Winds.

It is really windy here today, blowing steady at 30 and gusting up to 40mph. I arrive home and go to back in the garage when I look to the right and see a piece of downspout from my gutters nearly in the street right at the edge of my yard and my neighbors. I put the car in park, jump out, and grab it before it blows away.

I decide I better check the other gutters and make sure those downspout extensions are still attached. They are, but as I'm staring out the patio doors, it finally registers that my wind spinner is gone. I have that thing on a shepherd's hook and it's never come off before, but it did today. I decided to check email first, then I pulled on my shoes, put on a jacket, and went to reconnect my downspout. I put a rock on the inside of it to weight it down and began the search for the missing wind spinner. I found that in the middle of my backyard.

I walked over to my parents' house, and after about an hour, I returned home--and discovered my downspout was missing again. Sigh. So I searched and searched for it on both sides of the street, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

Instead, I noticed that another long rain spout was knocked off and the cap from my porch railing was off, and oh yeah, my welcome mat (which is fairly heavy) was folded up against the bottom of the door.

Now I'm sitting here, listening to the wind whip by the house and wondering what other pieces are going to come off before they finally die down. At the very least, I'll be out buying a new section of downspout soon.