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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Booksellers Best Award

I found out on Saturday that In the Midnight Hour is a Booksellers Best Award finalist for Best Paranormal! The winners will be announced in San Francisco on July 31st during the RWA conference, but I won't be there. I still remember when I won this award in Atlanta for Through a Crimson Veil. My category was the first one awarded and I was stunned when my book was called. I think I sat there in a daze for a moment before I was able to stand up and get my pin and certificate. That was plenty cool. :-)

It rained pretty much all day on Saturday, but on Sunday I took a walk down to my garden and checked it out. My daffodils have buds on them and do my tulips that are supposed to look like peonies. This surprised me since all these plants are still pretty short.

Most of my flowers actually seem to be doing pretty well with the exception of the snowdrops. Those are supposed to come up while there's still snow on the ground and only two of the whole group have even broke the surface. Forget about flowers, and while it has been cold here this spring, there is not any snow left. I wish I had some pictures to post, but I didn't bring my camera down and the shots I took last week won't show any buds.

And for Carolyn. Okay, I dusted off my Twitter account and have been using it. Um, when does the fun part start?