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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adventures in Lawn Maintenance

I thought I might have a story to tell today and I was right.  I decided last summer to get an in-ground sprinkler system installed in my yard.  This way I know my flowers will get enough water and I can start to work on making my grass look better.  It did not come out of last year's draught in good shape at all.  I'd hoped it would come back this year, but it did not.

So today was the big day my system was set to be installed.  My dad as usual was acting as construction supervisor.  They were originally supposed to come in the afternoon and be finished around 5pm, but the company called on Monday and asked to start in the morning.  They'd send a technician back at 3pm when I got home from work to run through the control box with me.  I'm thinking, how hard can this box be?  And I think I can figure out the instruction book, but whatever.  My dad wanted me there for the box run-through.

There I am at work, frantically running around, trying to do six million things that managed to pile up on my desk, and the phone rings.  I never like it when the first thing I hear is, "The good news is...."  Okay, so what's the bad news.

Despite the fact that all the utility lines going into the house were marked, the guy managed to sever the cable and phone lines.  Apparently, he got just a little too close.  When my dad reported in, he'd already called the cable company and they couldn't come out until Wednesday--before 1pm they promised.  That means no baseball on while I write!  That means no e-mail or internet!  He'd taken out the primary (cable) and back up (phone line for dial up) internet systems.

I didn't expect to still see the guys there working when I got home, but they weren't quite done yet.  And they patched up the break with tape so that I can have cable until Comcast can get out here and repair the line.  The phone guy showed up around 4:30 and that's fixed.

So I am online and I do have baseball (even though the Cubs are losing as I write this), but the patch slipped once before the crew left, so the possibility is still there that I could lose it again. The guy said he only misjudges and cuts a line about once a year.  Gee, great, it's my house that gets the yearly boo-boo.

I hope I love the sprinkler system after all this.