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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Much About Little

Sometime yesterday my brain shut down and it never rebooted itself. I've been pushing it all day without much success and this blog entry is one more thing that it can't seem to get it moving on. For around an hour and a half, I've been sitting here with this window open, trying to think of what to say.

Not much is going on in my garden right now. I had to cut down the allium flowers because they were going to seed, and while the columbine is blooming, nothing else is. I suppose I could report that my tree lilies are coming up (6 of the 8) or that the tree peony seems to have survived being broken during that storm we had a week or two ago. But that pretty much hits the highlights in a couple of sentences.

I haven't seen a movie in about forever, haven't read a book in longer than that, and I'm not even getting loop email because I went no mail on all my Yahoo Groups. I could probably manage to talk for a few paragraphs about the weather--I am from Minnesota after all--but most people outside of the Midwest don't find weather to be as interesting as we do.

So where does that leave me? Without a topic. Maybe once my brain starts working again.