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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Patience Pays Off!

Whoo hoo! There was a movie I saw on late night cable like forever ago that I didn't record and then kicked myself ever since because it was never released--not on tape, not on DVD. It's called Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains and stars Diane Lane and Laura Dern as well as some guys from bands. It's not the best movie in the world--that's why I opted not to record it at the time--but something about it captured my imagination.

I've made several searches online, looking for a copy I could buy. Amazon had a listing, but with a link to "email me when it's available," not a "buy" button. I clicked it and waited. Nothing. Information I found said that the studio couldn't get clearances on all the music in the movie and that's why it couldn't be released. I figured someone, somewhere had to have a copy. I searched harder and found a site that sold DVDs of movies taped from television and not available anywhere else. I debated, but thought there's no way I'm giving these people my credit card number.

Finally this morning, years after I asked Amazon to notify me if the movie was available, I had a note in my inbox. Yes, it's true. Patience is rewarded. The movie is scheduled to be for sale in September. I already reserved my copy.

I have no doubt that after all this, I will be hugely disappointed. How can it be anything else when I've spent so long looking for it? And I'm going by my memory of one viewing years ago, late at night. Oh, well. At least my quest will have ended and I can move on.