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Friday, June 20, 2008

Reviewed by the Chicago Tribune!

Sometimes insomnia pays off.  :-)  I was looking around the web tonight and I found an absolutely great review of In Twilight's Shadow in the Chicago Tribune.  It was published in the June 14th issue, so now I have to hope my relatives who subscribe to the paper didn't throw it out yet.  This is one for the scrapbook.

Here's what the Tribune said:
Non-stop action, magic-laced suspense and some sizzling sexual chemistry fuel "In Twilight's Shadow," Patti O'Shea's latest inventive paranormal romance.
Read the Full Review.

This morning was the first day the sprinkler system ran on its own.  It was pretty slick and I'll confess that I'm a big enough geek, that I was pretty excited by the whole thing.  :-)

I also am coveting my mom's peonies.  They're beautiful right now and we didn't have a chance to split any out for me last year.  We're going to try again this year, but I bought two yellow plantings to put in the ground this fall.  My mom doesn't have yellow and this is a hybrid between the tree and the bush so it's supposed have strong stems.

I then stumbled across this gorgeous amaryllis, and even though I already have two pots filled with six amaryllis, I am coveting this new plant.  I even found it for a reasonable price in the wholesale catalog I received.  You know, that makes me wonder, have I ordered so many flowers that nurseries believe I'm a landscaper?  Yikes!