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Thursday, July 10, 2008

And the Thunder Rolls

Today after lunch, the sky went dark as night--even the parking lot lights came on--and everyone at the Evil Day Job was forced to evacuate to the designated storm shelter. In our case, it's in the hallway in front of the hangars, so we're not talking basement or other hugely secure area. It was crowded and loud with hundreds of people, but we weren't down there long.

And when we got back to our floor, the sky looked worse than when we evacuated! So of course, we all stood right in front of the window to watch the storm. :-)

I checked out my damage when I got home. One tree had a couple of large branches down, but luckily it wasn't the tree in the back where my flowers are. Some of the flowers had been pushed sideways by the storm, so I had to do a little straightening, but by and large, everything came through all right. I even have my first elodie lily in bloom. I took pictures, of course. :-)

And here's a closeup.

The lily is so tall that I had to stand on the garden wall to get a shot of it, which is kind of why the shot is looking down.

Now for the big mystery. I've got a lily coming up where I didn't plant a lily. Now if it looked like a tiger lily, I'd just shrug, but it looks like the new lilies I planted. The problem is that it's coming up a quite a distance from where I put it originally. I looked, but there are no signs that it had been dug up and buried by an animal, but I can't figure out what did happen. Weird.