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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Indepenece Day, America!

Happy 4th to everyone who celebrates!

My own personal independence day was July 1, but I haven't known what to do with myself since I turned in the book. I watched a little baseball with the sound turned on; found some short, but very interesting documentaries on iTunes U; answered a couple of emails, although the bulk remain; and played around online a little. But I really feel kind of lost right now. Lost enough that I pulled out a project I was playing with before I sold the untitled story I just turned in and reread it. I decided the prologue is good, but the rest of it needs to go, so now I have no story for the book--just a hero and heroine.

Anyway, the title search is on for the book. My editor wants me to use a time word so that it fits with In the Midnight Hour and In Twilight's Shadow. The working title I used contained the word Dawn, so we're on the same wavelength. :-) So far, I've tried Dawn and Dusk and haven't come up with anything I like. Now I'm trying to find more time of day words to try. Let's see, there's:


But what else? I've done an online search and come up with a lot of very unhelpful hits. You'd think there would be some kind of helpful website with this kind of information, wouldn't you?

Oooh, what do y'all think of When the Sun Goes Down? Stupid? I'm terrible at titles. Really, really, really terrible.