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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two Dozen FREE eBooks!

Free eBooks! is giving away about two dozen free ebooks! There are two paranormal romances and the rest are SF/F, but it's a good opportunity to try new authors or to get copies of books you've already read in another format. I'm trying to figure out how to load them on my iPod because I don't want to carry my laptop with me to read them. :-) They're only available for a limited time, so if you're interested, I wouldn't wait too long to click over.

The Rest of the Blog

Now on to my usual stuff. I looked out of the window this afternoon and thought I saw flowers around my daffodils. I couldn't be sure, though, from the distance I was at and I decided to take my camera down just in case. And wonder of all wonders, my new daffodils, the ones I planted back in like April or May, have little, tiny flowers on them! Pictures another day. I ran out of time to download them off the camera and crop one up.

I spent this afternoon trying to get all my snail mail items ready to go in the mail. I think I succeeded, too! That means I can cross one item off my lengthy To Do List. It took forever to get it all together and I think I have like half a dozen separate things that need to go, but it's a huge relief to accomplish something. I haven't done much of that since I turned my book in. :-) I was so excited, I even started to tackle my email backup, but I only answered one note before my laziness kicked in again and decided to do my blog instead.

My next goal for the day after I finish here is to get to bed early. You'd think that would be an easy one, but the Cubs are playing in Arizona and the games don't start until 8:30 my time. Even staying up for just a few innings is too long when the alarm goes off at 4am for the Evil Day Job.