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Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's a Small World

I accomplished a lot this weekend, unfortunately my synopsis wasn't one of those things I made much progress on. I did make more notes about the book and I have a lot of the pieces, but for some reason, I can't seem to put them together to form an interesting/coherent synopsis. I'm not sure why. It's as if I'm walking into a brick wall and can't quite turn the corner. Very frustrating.

I did, however, find a picture of a really hot Asian actor. From what I read, he's half Japanese and half Chinese and he was definitely a stop-and-stare-at-him guy. :-) I've wanted to write an Asian hero, but I haven't had a character show up that's had that ethnicity. At least, I'm not sure that I have. There's a possibility that the hero from the second (or maybe third) book in my paranormal trilogy idea is of Asian descent, but he hasn't said enough to me yet to know for sure.

The closest I've gotten (that I know for certain) is with one of Wyatt's men in Eternal Nights. He wasn't mentioned by name in the book, but he would have been in the proposal I was putting together for Flare's story. His nickname is Troll because he's the best looking guy on the teams--heck, even on the planet of Jarved Nine--and he's got a very multi-cultural background. Name an ethnicity and has it. I did write a scene which included Troll for Flare's proposal and the man is fast with the ladies. :-) Of course, when you're drop-dead gorgeous like he his, I guess that's not too surprising.

What I liked best about him was that he had a great sense of humor and an almost sheepishness about how many women he's been involved with. I couldn't wait to meet his heroine and see what kind of woman it was going to take to pin him down and make him monogamous. Ah, well, maybe at some point in the future. I'm focusing on my paranormal romances right now.

I like writing characters with multi-cultural backgrounds. My first was Cai from The Power of Two--she was 1/4 Vietnamese. Next was Mika (Through a Crimson Veil) who was 1/2 Japanese-American and half demon and my third was Kimi (Dark Awakening in the Shards of Crimson anthology) who is 100% Japanese-American. I also have a few proposals in the works with characters from different backgrounds, I just need more time and a clearer vision of their stories so that I can get them finished.