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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Make It Snappy

Book titles. Sigh. I'm awful at putting a name on a book. My working titles used to be one of the character's names and a descriptive word--for example, Ravyn's Flight. Now I might go with the character's name--Shona's Story--or with something that I think represents the book--Dragon's Dawn.

What I want for my titles is something snappy, something that grabs the reader and makes them pick up the book. No matter how hard I try, I don't seem to come up with those. I should be able to, right? After all, I majored in advertising copywriting--the epitome of snappy. The problem is that different types of writing (and I guess titling a book can loosely be called writing) requires different brain muscles. My ad copy days are far enough behind me that the talent has atrophied. I do have lots of practice, though, at writing 450 page manuscripts. :-)

Which brings me to the title for my latest book. I must have sent three dozen suggestions to my editor. Today, she sent me an email with the three finalists and asked me to pick. The choices were:

When Night Falls
At Dawn's Break
Edge of Dawn
I knew I didn't want "Night" in the title because I'd like to use it on my next book. It fits it perfectly. In fact, I already have what I think is a great title for it--which will not be revealed unless and until that becomes the official name of the book. :-) Don't want someone else grabbing it when I worked so hard to come up with it. ;-)

Anyway, that left me with the two "Dawn" titles, which jives with what I'd been using as my working title. I couldn't make a decision and wanted some input, so I emailed one of my writing buddies, hoping she'd see it right away and reply. That didn't happen. Then I remembered--Twitter! I'd ask my Twitter friends what they thought.

The unanimous consensus? Edge of Dawn

So I just emailed my editor and said let's go for this one. Hopefully, it's snappy enough.