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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vagina Locked and Loaded

Today I received a spam mail titled Brittany Spears Shoots Down American Spy Satellite With Vagina.  Now I've received some strange spam in my time online, but this gets my vote as weirdest.  No, I didn't open the email to see what it was about--the last thing I need is to trigger a beacon letting them know they have a real live email--but the imagination runs wild.  :-)

Just think of all the Kegel exercises you'd need to do to strengthen those muscles enough to shoot down an orbiting satellite.  I mean seriously, you'd have to do them like 24/7, wouldn't you to get that kind of power?  We're not talking 30,000 feet here; we're talking Earth orbit. And of course, that begs the question of what position does one assume to shoot down a spy satellite in this manner?  On your back?  One leg up?

Can you see the Army enlisting women with these incredible pelvic muscles to launch missiles at terrorist cells?  Or how about shooting down an encroaching asteroid before it can smash into Earth and obliterate all life?  What would the movie Armageddon have been like if they didn't have to go to the asteroid in a space ship?

Okay, it's late and I'm tired enough to attempt to be funny.  Probably not succeeding either, but then I'm not funny--it's my characters who put the humor in my books.

More seriously, who the hell writes these spam mails?  And the bigger question is who the hell is opening them and buying whatever these people are selling?  Because no matter how cheap and easy it is to send spam, if no one is biting, it would stop.  That means someone somewhere is messing up email for the rest of us.  :-/